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SOLUCREA is pleased to present its new brand (national number 4186134) MECATROFIX® which now represents the entire range of products designed, manufactured and marketed by its subsidiaries for their clients especially in the areas of building, of Energy, Medical and Aerospace:

  • In particular all types of mechanisms and metal fasteners for industry, namely clamps, clips, clamps, supporting systems, shock absorbers, sound dampers; Closing mechanisms shutters, windows, door windows, windows, doors, gates, fences, Trappe, drawer; Opening Systems and / or closing of doors, valves;
  • But also the integrated software in fastening systems and opening / closing for industry; sensors and information readers in fastening systems and opening / closing for the building industry and energy;
  • And finally, the design, implementation and maintenance of mechanisms and metal fittings for industry and development of software dedicated to these systems.